Our belt made by hand in grained leather with braided detail on the edges and onyx and alpaca dial, it represents part of the beauty of the gaucho tradition.They come in different colours. Curatoria’s exclusive collection.
Our Rastra Paqueta belts are the updated version of the traditional rastra. They are thinner, more femenine, made in smooth or textured leather and with an alpaca and onyx brooch at the front. The central piece is attached to the belt with an alpaca mesh. They come in different colours. Curatoria’s exclusive collection. In the gauchesca tradition, the bombachas (loose pants) that the gaucho wears daily are secured with a rastra, which is sort of a leather belt embellished at the front with an oval monogram brooch. Whether it was silver or gold -or a combination of both-, the metal in which the rastra was made was a symbol of status, but it was functional too because it protected the gaucho from enemy knives. Clean the alpaca with metal-cleansing product, then rub with a dry cloth to shine. Due to the handmade nature of all our artisanal products, it is not unusual for them to carry slight imperfections in color, weave, leather etc. This variation in itself only makes the product more unique.
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Colour Black
Length 95cm
By Country argentina
Line Belt
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Given the fact that our pieces are made by hand, each and every one of them is unique. As such, they may present minor variations in color and/or specific measurements, across in the various materials that we handle, such as: fabric, leather, wood, etc.
Clean the alpaca with a metal-cleaning product. When storing the product, wrap it up to avoid scratches.