As part of Privacy Policy, CURATORIA shall maintain absolute confidentiality of all the Personal data supplied by the Users of the Site, except in the cases in which the Personal Data Protection Law permits their disclosure.

CURATORIA makes a responsible use of personal information, by protecting the privacy of their Users, and permitting that they operate safely and confidently at the Site.

User privacy is very important for CURATORIA. Consequently, the Site does not collect personal information of Users, unless Users provide it voluntarily and consciously.

In order to give services to Users, CURATORIA treats, collects, processes, stores and, in some cases, discloses information on Users. These Privacy Policies describe the information that CURATORIA treats, collects, stores and discloses and all the things he/she may make with such information. The company responsible for data base collected in the Argentine Republic is CULTURA SLOW S.A.U.

When User visits the Site, its browser sends automatically an IP address (Internet Protocol) and certain other information (including the type of browser that the User is using).

CURATORIA may use this information of IP address and other information to provide access to the Site and otherwise manage the Site.

CURATORIA shall ask the User for information to sign up and use each of Services offered by the Site. All the information provided by User shall be treated and processed by CURATORIA or by the person appointed by CURATORIA pursuant to Law N° 25.326, and incorporated into the corresponding data base for which CURATORIA shall be responsible and owner.

Such treatment shall be used to provide Users with a best service and/or process information to best understand Users’ needs and/or improve the performance and services and/or elaborate statistics and/or permit CURATORIA to communicate with Users and/or organize, design, elaborate, segment and/or manage advertisings, marketing actions, direct sale and/or send communications related to Site or any of the services and/or other similar activities and/or for any other strictly necessary purpose so that CURATORIA may provide Users with services. CURATORIA informs that above services for treating data might be directly performed by CURATORIA and/or through third persons hired for such purposes.

It is expressly stated that Users are not obliged to provide such information, but, without it, CURATORIA shall not be entitled to render Services.

When User provides any personal information, he/she states that he/she is voluntarily providing this information and accepting that he/she gives his/her free express and informed consent for the information to be used for above mentioned purposes, and authorizes that such information may be treated, stored, compiled or assigned and/or transferred by CURATORIA to its affiliates, controlled companies, related parties and/or contractors rendering services (in this last case, only for the purpose of rendering such services), even though any of them is in countries in which there are not the same security levels than in Argentine Republic and when it may be strictly necessary for the fulfillment of any of the above purposes, always in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law N° 25.326.

User shall be entitled to exercise his/her rights of query, access, rectification or cancellation and ask for his/her exclusion pursuant to the provisions of the article 27, Law N° 25.326 by sending an e-mail at:

CURATORIA has adopted legally required security levels for protection of personal data, and installed all the best technical measures and means to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorized access and theft of personal data.

CURATORIA shall not be responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of systems or data base, or for the utilization by non-authorized persons. CURATORIA shall not be also responsible for the improper utilization of the information obtained by those means.

The owner of the personal data is entitled to freely exercise the access right to them at least each six months, unless a legitimate interest may be proven for such an effect pursuant to the provisions of article 14, incise 3 of Law N° 25.326.

Users authorize CURATORIA to disclose and assign provided data for commercial and advertising purposes in compliance with the provisions of Law N° 25.326, without right to any compensation.

CURATORIA shall store Users’ personal information during the time necessary to comply with the purpose for which it was compiled, to comply with regulatory or legal requirements or during the period of legal prescription of possible legal or contractual liabilities.

Once concluded the time, data shall be deleted or anonymized in a way that any person cannot be individualized, as permitted by the rules of each country.

CURATORIA uses cookies technology at the Site. Cookies are portions of information that a site transfers to User’s hard disk in order to carry out a record. They improve online experience when saving preferences while User is visiting a particular site. Cookies do not contain personal identifiable information and cannot do a system summary or compile information from User´s hard disk. While User visualizes the Site, CURATORIA can place a cookie in the computer. Temporal cookies are used for counting the number of visits at the Site. These temporal cookies are eliminated when User leaves the browser. A permanent cookie can also be stored by User´s browser in the computer. When User enters, this type of cookies informs CURATORIA if User has formerly visited the Site or if it is a new visitor. Cookie does not obtain personal information on User, and does not provide any manner to contact him/her and cookie does not extract any information from the computer. In most browsers, help link of toolbar will indicate User how to avoid browser accepting new cookies, how to do for browser to inform you when a new cookie is received or how to block cookies all together.

The Agency of Access to Public Information, acting as Controlling Body of Law 25.326, is empowered to receive all the complaints and claims made by persons who might be affected by the breach of applicable rules for personal data protection.